After a few years of inactivity, there is a Marco Polo Cycling Team again in 2016. The team is composed of riders that came to Europe as refugees. It is an Elite Amateur team, racing a selected program of races in which the talented riders can develop and show their potential. There is room for 10 team members, they were all active at the highest level in their home country. We will introduce team members once they ‘officially’ entered the team. The majority of the riders are from Eritrea originally. Only riders that have an official refugee status, allowing them to stay in western Europe legally, will be part of the team.

We believe that there are a couple of guys that may make it towards the Pro ranks, just like so many riders that used our previous continental team as a stepping stone.
Daniel Abraham (former Marco Polo Continental Team), also a refugee from Eritrea himself, is the mentor of the riders.

The team will also integrate refugees in the team staff and management, as the idea behind the team is to help refugees integrate and use their potential in our society.  Hopefully they can get valuable experience that may help them to find their way – maybe towards a new job in the future.
We can still use help to improve the program we can offer for these guys. So if you think you can contribute as a staff member, in team management, as a sponsor, invite us to a great race, supply equipment, please e-mail us at info@worldwidecycling.com. This is the moment to contribute to a warm welcome for some talented refugees in our cycling community!