10th top 10: Nahom 10th in “8 van Chaam”

Nahom Desale took care of the 10th top 10 placing for the Marco Polo Cycling Refugee Team while racing in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, these past months. The team started the season in Spain, also with several top placings, and since the beginning of May they compete here in the “north of Europe”.

Nahom had a good start and was active in the beginning of the race in Chaam, in a very strong field with several Continental Team riders. He joined a 12 rider frontgroup who stayed away till the end. In the last lap he had a good attack with track rider Nick Stöpler but unfortunately they were caught back and Nahom finished 10th.
Mhireteab, who lives in Sweden, made a good debut racing in the Netherlands and rode strong.