Nahom 11th and Mhireteab 15th in Wuppertal, Germany

In the hard climbing race Uni-Radrennen in Wuppertal, Germany, NER Group Marco Polo Cycling Refugee Team riders Nahom and Mhireteab finished 11th and 15th. In this very hard race of 105 kilometers with 2500 altitude meters! Nahom was racing very strong. However he missed a frontgroup of 8 riders and was chasing in a 5 rider chase group most of the race and finished 11th. Mhireteab also got away in a small group towards the end and finished 15th.


Nahom Desale attacks on the climb in Wuppertal – Photo: Gerd Ramme


Mhireteab going up the climb in Wuppertal – Photo: Gerd Ramme