Unlucky day at Maren-Kessel but Nahom 8th place

It was Yohanna who opened up the race in Maren-Kessel for the Marco Polo Cycling Refugee Team with an early attack in the strong field and strong winds on the dutch levie. Later on we lost him because of a broken shoe plate. Then it was Awet who got away in a 9 rider break-away. About halfway through the 100 km race, 3 riders got off the front and a chase group with Nahom joined with Awet. About 30 km to go Nahom bridged over to the attacking Dutch Champion. And Awet was chasing with another rider for place 6 and 7 for a while but was chased down and then got caught up behind a crash and couldn’t come back, finishing 26th. Meanwhile Nahom and the Dutch Champion came really close to the top 3 riders. However they also got caught by a small chase group in the final 2 kilometers. Nahom finished 8th.
A good appearance but not the deserved results.
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